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FaceFacebook Attitude Status

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pagli‬ tu facebook‬ k baat karti hai,
huM to ‎OLX‬ pe bhi ladKi set‬ kR lete hai.


‪#‎Pagli‬ “Ek Din Esa_ Aayega tu Mujhe Request Bhejna Chahegi,
Lekin Wahan Sirf. Ek he Option Hoga Follow me..!!


DP mat dekh Pagli‬
‎Dil‬ dekh Dil, Branded hai.


The only reason I’m fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all this personality.


God is really creative, I mean… just look at me.

When I drink alcohol… Everyone says I’m alcoholic. But… When I drink Fanta.. No one says I’m fantastic.

Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need Money 🙂


Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari, the alarm woke me up.

I want some one to give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

When you’re good, you’re good, when you’re awesome you’re me.

I’m jealous of my parents, i`ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.


Facebook Attitude Status

I don’t always lose my phone but when I do its always on silent.

The funniest thing in class is when the teacher cracks a joke and no one laughs.

When your ex asks if you can still be friends right after a break up, it’s like having a kidnapper tell you to keep in touch.

AwesoME ends with ME and Ugly starts with U.

There’s always that one person, who takes a few minutes to get the joke.

We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people.

ETC – End of Thinking Capacity.


My “last seen at” was just to check your “last seen at”.

I’d rather have honest enemies than fake friends.

Scratch here ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ to reveal my status 😀

I believe there should be a better way to start each day… instead of waking up every morning.


Facebook Attitude Status

I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle!… He’s dreaming too.

Sometimes you succeed… and other times you learn.

When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.

How is a poor man a lot like a rich man? They both have an iPhone.

Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.

I love my job only when I’m on vacation

Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English

41. Smile today, tomorrow could be worse.

42. Phones are better than girlfriends, At least we can switch off.

43. His story is History, My Story is Mystery.

44. Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.

45. Virginity is not dignity, It is just lack of opportunity.

46. Save water drink beer.

47. When everything comes your way.. Then you are on the wrong way.

48. 80% of boys have girlfriends.. Rest 20% are having brain.

49. People say, you can’t live without love…I think oxygen is more important.

50. I talk to myself because i like dealing with a better class of people.

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